Corporate Environmental Accounting and Disclosure of Carbon Emission Information

Corporate Environmental Accounting and Disclosure of Carbon Emission Information

1.The first requirement of the project is to outline the international benchmarks for environmental accounting in the for profit organizations, and to discuss their appropriateness for Canada and one other country of your choice (excluding Australia, UK or US). Critical discussion should be made on the bases of relevant international accounting theories.

3. The second requirement is to carry out a case study on one listed Canadian and one listed company of the country selected in 2.) within the same industry and business. The purpose of the case study on comparative international accounting is firstly to compare and contrast how the two companies actually measure, disclose, and account for their carbon emissions and greenhouse gas related activities. Specifically, the study should also include whether and how the two companies disclose setting up and meeting carbon reduction targets and actions to reduce carbon emissions, and measurement of carbon intensity emissions, and emissions reduction in the reporting year relative to previous year. Secondly, in the light of the first requirement in 2.), discuss the specific motivations of the two companies to successfully improve their reporting quality. The study should use the latest available annual reports, sustainability reports and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) disclosure, and other relevant reports. All these reports are available at the company’s, Carbon Disclosure Project ( and other related websites.

4. On completion of the project, each group will prepare a written group report addressing the requirements 2 and 3, and make a 20-minute presentation on the report in an assigned workshop session. Each group will be assigned a presentation time and date.

Report length: maximum 5 pages, Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, excluding references and appendixes. Harvard referencing style is to be adopted.

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