Corporate social responsibility in supply chains – Analyse the impact in the context of global supply chains

Individual Research Report


The purpose of this assignment is to develop your capability to understand supply chain sustainability concepts, methods, and frameworks. On this assignment you will write a research report of 4000 + – 10% words based on review of relevant literature in one of the following topics:


(Written report: A4, typed on one side. One-and- a half spaced. Font 12 (Times New Roman) plus reference pages and appendix)


  • Corporate social responsibility in supply chains – Analyse the impact in the context of global supply chains.


You are required to conduct a thorough literature search (academic journals) in order to prepare the research report. It is expected that you will follow the following guidelines while preparing your report:


  1. Introduction (about 1 page)


  • Introduce your topic of research.
  • Discuss aims and objectives of the research.
  • Highlight the plan of the report.



  1. Literature search (about 7 pages)


  • Conduct a thorough search on the topic of research. For this you are requires to search journals (mainly academic). Develop a database of the articles in the chosen topic area. Your objective is to provide up-to-date information on the chosen topic in systematic manner. It is expected that you will address the following areas:
  • Summary of the literature – basic summary of the chosen articles.
  • Group materials under few meaningful themes and critically analyse and discuss.
  • Identify the practical and theoretical implications of your findings.
  • Build your arguments based on the evidence from published cases and empirical studies.


  1. Conclusions and suggestions for future research (about 2 pages)


  • Conclusion based on your findings.
  • Future direction.


  1. References


  • Provide a list of references and refer these appropriately in the report.
  • Include a content page and an executive summary of the report (between 1/3 and ½ a page)




  • Locate relevant sources (databases, academic journals) You are expected to refer to refereed (Peer reviewed) academic papers.
  • Identify relevant literature (15-20 relevant journal articles)
  • Analyse and synthesise the literature to produce an analytical report.
  • Give figures and tables where necessary.
  • Appendices can be added if additional material is considered essential.


NOTE: You are NOT writing an open easy on the chosen topic. You are writing a research report based on the chosen articles only.


Marking Criteria and Distribution


The written report will be graded using the attached grading sheet- Appendix C: Marking Criteria – Individual Research Report. The grading sheet consists of four major items:


  1. Organisation (10%)
  2. Research (20%)
  3. Analysis and Discussion (60%)
  4. Innovation (10%)
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