Create an e-marketing plan for an entity of your choice

Create an e-marketing plan for an entity of your choice. Some examples might include the introduction of a new (or redesigned) Web site for a new or existing company, the introduction of a new product that relies heavily on the Web for promotional and customer support, a Web-based promotional program, a Web-based customer service initiative, or many others. Note that you may do your plan for an existing company, a proposed (or even fictitious) company.
The Team: Form your own team. Groups of four-five are recommended (at least four required to guarantee a presentation slot); more or less members will require justification. Individual reports are usually not possible, due to the limited number of time slots available for presentations. A sign-up sheet will be available for presentation slots early in the semester. Presentations (and grading) go in the order indicated on the sign-up sheet.
The Process: Choose a marketing project and select partners. Both the company and the proposed marketing project can be either real or hypothetical.
The Format: Please see the Marketing Plan Outline (posted on Moodle) for detailed scope and content. (For reference, the marketing plan is also covered in Chapter 3 of your book, but be sure to use the posted version for your report.) This project requires a written report (~ 15 pages plus supporting material, e.g. creative prototypes), single-spaced, with a cover page including the company name and team member names, to be submitted prior to the presentation date. Since this is a formal report, it should also include a cover page, table of contents and proper referencing. Please submit one copy per team electronically via Moodle PRIOR to your presentation date, using the company name as the file name. Please also provide a printed copy of your report (this is for grading purposes only, and does not have to be bound – just a stapled copy is fine).
The project is to be accompanied by an abbreviated (10 minute) PowerPoint presentation to be presented at one of the last class meetings (schedule will be available after team signups are complete). The presentation should give an overview of your company choice, and highlight each area of your marketing plan, but does not need to go into great detail – your report will do this. Due to limited time for presentations, please ensure that yours will not go over the allotted time – presentations may be stopped if they go over 15 minutes in length. For your presentation, please don’t read your report or notes – instead talk about the highlights of your plan in your own words.
Grading: See the posted grade sheet in Moodle for grade distribution. The focus is on quality, not quantity, but please be sure that all areas are covered, and apply course concepts appropriately to demonstrate your understanding of the subject material (you don’t need to define terms and/or concepts, just use them appropriately). Be sure to review your report for typos and grammatical errors, as your team will lose one quality mark per error.
Because this is a group effort, your grade is subject to a reduction of up to 50% of the team grade if two or more other members of your team do not feel that you contributed your fair share. Teams may also drop members if they feel that they aren’t contributing at all. If you are dropped from a team, you may also lose your presentation credit if you are unable to find another team. Your name must be on the submitted presentation to receive credit.

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