Creating a specific methodology for a complex project

Creating a specific methodology Choose a complex project from your work context. If you do not have access to a complex project you many use the St Albans Writers’ Festival as a project (see Describe the project, its background and the major constraints (approximately 500 words). Develop a methodology for the project that will inform the Board, the sponsor and can be used as a manual for the project team. The methodology should recommend appropriate tools, describing why they are appropriate and how they are used (with examples of application). The report should: Access the academic literature to support your discussion. Refer to practical examples from the literature to support your discussion. Anticipate objections by the readers (CEO and Board) and address those objections in the report. Use language that the CEO and Board would relate to. Marks will be deducted if you do not adhere to academic standards concerning:  Word limit – 3000 words +/- 500 per person  Protocols: Assignments must have:  Title page with name and number of subject, your name and student number and date of submission  Numbered pages e.g. 1/16  Name and number of subject, your name/ student number in the footer of every page  Assignment files must be labeled as follows: o firstname-familyname-15311-date-Assignment

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