criminology – Media File Analysis Report

Media File Analysis Report

1. Collect as many media articles as you can which relate to indigenous matters in the Criminal Justice system, for a period of 28 consecutive days (older than 28 days) this semester. The articles must be from a variety of media – TV; Newspapers (both tabloid and broadsheet); magazines; electronic sources etc. (Aim for about 25-30 articles).
2. You will analyse the content of each article using content analysis (will be attached ).
3. and then write a commentary on the focus, credibility and gravity of the article based on the categories (codes) of your analysis This will be the basis for your report on the media management of indigenous people and indigenous issues. The categories or codes are laid out for you on the grid on the following page.
4. You will also be required to identify the approach that each media outlet takes with Indigenous matters, for example some rely upon photographs and small explanations, while others will have a long and well-written story with few photos.
5. Decide on the appropriate headings for your report. Your articles will very likely cover many different matters, so you will need to decide how you are going to arrange them and the best headings under which to report on them. Pay attention to such things as whether your articles are a part of a series reporting on aspects of the same story, or whether you have several very different articles on the same incident. Your analysis will also have to show the theory which best applies to the article, so you must utilise your knowledge of different criminological and media theories (see Handout ‘Media and Crime’) which can explain why the articles were written the way they were. ( Will be attached and use other theories).

This report will take the following structure:

1- Table of Contents
2- Executive Summary
3- Introduction
4- Body: 25 Media Articles ( you have to apply the theories on the articles )
5- Finding and Interpretations
6- Conclusion
7- References


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