critical reflection journal


2000 words
Please ensure your assignment has a cover sheet attached to it with your student ID and details of the unit on it.

Students are required to develop a critical reflection journal.

• Students must research all of the communication topics we discuss in this unit (see next point for the list). Students can begin this at any time but should get started on the assignment no later than week 6.

• Students are asked critically discuss each of the communication topics: critical thinking; verbal and non-verbal communication; motivation and learning; interpersonal communication; mediated communication, for example computer mediated communication; group dynamics; leadership skills; conflict negotiation; ethics; and intercultural communication.

• Students must combine a reasoned opinion on these topics with evidence taken from their research to support their claims. All referencing must be complete. Each discussion must use a minimum of four sources of research (Google and/or You Tube searches are allowed)

• It is suggested the students use the following format for the assignment: First discuss and define the topic integrating the research you have found. Then show how the topic transpires in an aspect of your personal life for example at work or as a student.
• Overall the journal needs to be 2000 words in length, minimum.

(see guide on Moodle on ‘how to do a critical reflection journal’ for assistance AND the ‘assessment criteria’ on which the marking will be based)

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