Critical Review

Assessment 1: Critical Review (40%)

Assignment One is a submitted discursive assessment task which is primarily theoretical and relates to the concepts and constructs of safety systems, safety culture and safety management.

Length: 3000 words


This assessment is intended to expose students to the knowledge and skills to undertake WH&S research, in particular how to research current, relevant local, national and international WH&S issues; in this instance, the role of safety culture and safety leadership as opposed to safety management and safety systems and compliance with WH&S legislation to enhance safety performance: This knowledge and skills prepare students to successfully undertake research which can also be applied in students’ workplaces.

Based on an evidentiary basis from the study package material and other sources including the literature, the Internet and, if applicable, your workplace experience:

• Do you agree with the proposition that mere compliance with WH&S legislation is not enough to improve safety performance?

• Do you agree that safety culture and safety leadership have the capacity to improve safety performance beyond what safety management systems can achieve?

• Either, if you agree, argue, based on evidence, how can safety culture do so and which attributes of a safety culture approach and safety leadership are the most valuable in improving safety performance: Or;

• if you don’t agree, argue, based on evidence, why safety culture does not impact positively on improving safety.

You will be assessed according to the marking criteria below.

Very useful WH&S websites are:

Google Scholar

Science Direct (in particular the journal Safety Science)


European Agency for Safety and Health at Work at

United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCWH&S) at http://www.ccWH&
UK Health and Safety Executive at

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