Creative Questions

1. How would life be different if there were no electricity? List three
different ways.

2. Pretend that you get to make one rule that everyone in the world must
follow. What rule do you make? Why?

3. What are some ways you could celebrate “Backwards Day?“

4. Are you more like a square or a circle? Why?

5. How would the game of soccer be different if the ball was shaped like
a cube?

Creative Questions

6. What are three ways the world would be different if people did not
need to sleep? What would you do with the extra time?

7. Which do you think is more important: motorized vehicles like cars
and  airplanes or computers? Why?

8. If you could choose one thing that costs money and make it free for
everyone forever, what thing would you choose? Why?

9. If people could not see colors, how would traffic lights work? Design
a traffic system that does not rely on colors.

10. If you could invent a new subject that would be taught to all
children in school, what would the subject be? Why do you think
children need to learn about your subject\?
Description of the Project

The objective of the project is to enable you to critically analyze a problem and apply creative

thinking and problem solving skills that you developed in the class.

1. Report  – 30% (2500 words, 1.15 spacing, Times new roman, font size 12)

Outline of the Report 30%

You will be required to work on the following four sections:

1. First section – (define, outline and state)   6 marks

Choose any one issue. The issue can be a moral or ethical dilemma, economic or social issue etc

in any context. Some examples of the issue could be divorce, negligent parents, abandon

children, child labor, inflation, bribery, conflict of interest, gender discrimination, abuse of

official position, whistle blowing, etc

In this section you are required to define and outline the issue, provide precise meaning, and a

brief summary of the issue. Provide statistics to give a detailed account.

Just choose any of these issues to write

2. Second section- (Analyze, Compare, Discuss, and Evaluate) 7 marks

This section requires you to reflect on the issue and the current practices of resolving the issue

critically. Explore different perspectives and different practices of resolving the issue and

critique those practices based on strong arguments and evidences.

3. Third Section:  (Design, plan, apply) 10 marks

In this section you have to recommend a creative strategy to solve this issue. Use the strategies of

problem solving and creative thinking that is attached in the file. Provide an action plan to

4. Fourth section: Implication (Examine, so what, to what extent) 7 marks

This section requires you to examine what will happen as a result of implementing the

recommended strategy and the action plan, what will be the consequences,  what needs to be in

place to implement the recommended strategy, a possible future effect of implementing the

Appendix: Creative Problem Solving Framework and Problem-Solving Strategies

Creative Problem Solving Framework

1. Presenting Problems

2. Generating Solutions

3. Novelty of Response

4. Validating Responses

5. Decision Making

Choose one or more of the problem-solving strategies:

3. Brainstorming

4. Mind Mapping

5. Thinking Hats

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