Critically discuss the benefits of Free Trade Agreement (FTA). In the context of China’s emergence as a powerful economy, discuss the benefits that Chinese firms might gain from Australia-China Free Trade Agreement. Select any ONE particular industry

Assessment Criteria
Introduction (10%): a. Briefly discuss the importance of cross-country trade and investment agreements in the context of changing international business environment
Reasons to sign FTA (25%):
Overall Analysis a. Briefly outline reasons for which a country prefers to sign a FTA with a key trading partners
b. Explain how FTA can enhance competitive advantage and promote bilateral trade and investment opportunities
Note for students:
•Conduct analysis using relevant IB concepts (ie Institutional Based View, L-advantages, Transaction Costs, Comparative Advantage, Strategic Trade Theory, Theory of National Competitive Advantage).
•Apply analytical skills to business challenges
•Use business ethics issues in developing your arguments 
(environment, employment, wages, working conditions etc.)

FTA between Australia and China (30%): 
Country Specific Analysis a. Analyse the opportunities created by the FTA between Australia and China
b. What are the competitive advantages that this FTA will offer to Chinese firms? C. Discuss how Chinese business firms can leverage opportunities created through this FTA.
Note for students:
• €Apply relevant IB theories
•Use supportive evidences, with facts & figures to substantiate your 
Impact of FTA (15%):
Industry Specific Analysis a. Analyse industry-specific opportunities and challenges
b. Briefly discuss new avenues of FDI that have been created and how Chinese business firms can utilise competitive/locational advantages of Australia
c. Critically analyse locational advantages that a Chinese firm can utilise to improve its competitive position
Note for students:
•Apply relevant IB theories
•Select an industry to identify business prospects
•Consider the value chain related advantages

Conclusion (10%): •Demonstrate that you have understood the factors influencing growth in the Asia Pacific region and reasons for Australia’s decision in signing FTAs
•Demonstrate that you have advanced knowledge to Masters’ level in International Business

Report structure (10%): a. Good combination of academic journal articles and country- industry-company reports
b. Harvard referencing system and correctly structured reference list
c. Good English grammar and within word limit

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