The project report should be provided to your tutor by uploading the file into LMS by the due date. Extensions of the due date will only be considered if there are strong, extenuating circumstances outside the student’s control. A request for an extension must be made to your tutor in writing and must be received and approved by the tutor before the due date as any delay that might occur after the due date cannot be a valid reason for an extension. As this report is restricted to 1,000 words, the report structure is designed to fit with this requirement. Therefore, the recommended structure is as follows: 1. Cover page including assignment title, identity of selected destination, student name and ID number, name of tutor. 2. Statement of authorship. 3. Introduction – define the destination and outline reason for selection. 4. Analysis – explain the strengths and weaknesses of the destination’s image and provide sources of supporting evidence. 5. Conclusion – sum up and indicate what factors you think the destination may want to address in order to strengthen its image, and why. 6. References, sources of information, and word count.
This task is to be undertaken individually and a 1,000 word (maximum) report is to be submitted to your tutor by uploading the file into LMS by the due date. Step 1: Undertake the following reading:
a. Morrison, pp. 84-85 & 89-91.
b. Ritchie and Crouch, pp 200-204.

c. Echtner, Charlotte M. and J. R. Brent Ritchie (1993). “The Measurement of Destination Image: An Empirical Assessment”, Journal of Travel Research, 31(4), 3-13.

d. Kim, Dohee and Richard R. Perdue (2011). “The Influence of Image on Destination Attractiveness”, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 28, 225-239. e. Hosany, Sameer, Yuksel Ekinci and Muzaffer Uysal (2007). “Destination Image and Destination Personality”, International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 1(1), 62-81.

Step 2: Select a destination with which you have some familiarity and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of its current image in terms of its attractiveness to tourism markets. It is not necessary to address every attribute that might affect the destination’s image. As your report is limited to 1,000 words you should therefore focus on those attributes which you feel have the greatest impact and on which you are able to identify some evidence to support your conclusions.
Step 3: Write your report and explain your conclusions. The 1,000 word limit applies to the main body of your text excluding the title, names headings, references, and any evidence sources for which you may use endnotes. Indicate the actual word count in the report immediately after the end of the main body of text.

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