describe the evolution of a Canadian freedom, right, or law


In a paper of about 750 words, describe the evolution of a Canadian freedom, right, or law.

State the freedom right or law that you have chosen and consider the following questions, and any others that may come to mind:

  • What was the history involved?
  • Was there a situation where the action or right was illegal?
  • What was the history of the process of change?
  • Were there social protests leading to changes in policy, changes in law, and changes in justice duties?
  • Do you consider this to be a movement towards social justice?
  • Is there some issue you are personally concerned or passionate about?
  • Are there changes you would like to see made which are still in process?

For example, a Royal Commission reported in 1902 that “Asians were unfit for full citizenship, obnoxious to the community and dangerous to the state.” If you look at the Citizenship Time Spiral Resource, you can see many examples of social injustice and increased social justice over time.

You may describe the process and the situation around some issue which you believe should be changed in law, and how this may happen or is coming about (rather than an historical example).

For example, legalizing marijuana. If you are doubtful about your topic, check with your instructor.

Use the Guidelines for Formal Essays and Papers located in the Read Me First to help with your composition.

Submit your assignment electronically through the assignment drop box provided by 11pm on the week that it is due.


Note: Students unable to complete course assignments and exams within the outlined due dates must communicate and converse with the instructor and make alternate arrangements. Assignments and exams will not be accepted past the due date without prior approval of the instructor

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