Describe the general structure of the macromolecule

This document provides guidelines for the Essay and Outline of the Essay. This document is
intentionally designed to be clear and give an accurate guide to what is required to complete the
assessments. This document includes:
1. The essay question that you will answer in your in-class essay in Week 10 of semester
2. This is followed by the aims of this entire assessment (why are we doing this)
3. Then we have the guidelines for the essay outline. This is the guide for the first part of the
assessment, which is preparing and submitting an essay outline.
4. Finally, we have the guide for the in-class Essay.
NOTE: Please be aware that because of different space and time restrictions, the questions for
the essay outline and essay are not exactly the same. Please be sure to pay attention to this.
Essay question:
Choose a biologically important macromolecule (e.g., carbohydrate, protein, lipid, nucleic acid).
1) Describe the general structure of the macromolecule you have chosen. Also provide two
specific examples of the macromolecule and explain how these two examples are structurally
and functionally different.
2) Describe how these macromolecules are used in cellular respiration (are they commonly used
or not, if they are explain how, if they are not explain why not)
3) Describe one part of the cytoanatomy or other components of a cell (e.g., organelles,
cytoskeleton, information storage) that this macromolecule contributes to and detail what
special abilities that macromolecule gives that part of the cell. In other words, what is it about
the macromolecule structure that enables that part of the cell to complete its function?

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