description of the industry

Description of assessment:
The group’s task is to prepare a 1000 word market report on a particular industry. Examples include health care, transportation, travel, leisure, hospitality, recreation, retail & consumer goods, financial services, education, energy resources, minerals, media, entertainment, food and agriculture and telecommunications.
The market report should, as a minimum, include:
o a description of the industry;
o an examination of the factors that influence supply and demand for the product(s) or service(s),
o an analysis of whether the demand for the good(s) or service(s) is elastic or inelastic, and why;
o illustrate with a diagram and explain in words the impact of a recent shock to this market (Hint: this could be a change in government policy or other external change);
o an analysis of the market structure (e.g. perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition or oligopoly) of this industry, and the way in which this structure impacts on firms in this industry.
This report should provide useful information for a business owner in this industry. It should include a table of contents, sub-headings and be properly referenced using the Harvard method.

Sources (references)
It is expected that the market report sources a range of resources (e.g. the could include the text book for theory, newspapers, industry reports, the ABS and other sources)

The market report will:
o Be less than 1,000 words with a correctly labelled diagram(s).
o Include a title, introduction and conclusion.
o Include diagram where appropriate, not hand drawn.
o Be word processed in 12 point font at 1.5 spacing.
o Be properly referenced using the Harvard style.
o be submitted via Turnitin on the due date with the details of all groups members.
Grading process
Each student in the group will receive the same mark for this assignment. Each group will keep an attendance record for all group members and the class facilitator will monitor group members’ performance. In extreme circumstances the class facilitator may adjust the allocation of marks in line with individual contributions to the assignment. These adjustments will be at the discretion of the facilitator.

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