develop a training program

Text book: Janis Fisher Chan, Designing and Developing Training Programs. Pfeiffer, 2010. ISBN 978-0-470-40469-0

You will develop a training program. The project will be comprised of a carefully written document that addressed the components identified below. Class setting forth a plan for their training program,

1. the proposed training program;
2. functional areas – these are behavioral objectives on this syllabus;
3. the anticipated managerial abilities to be developed through the assignment. The management abilities are the twenty abilities set forth on the page setting forth the attributes of the graduate programs (planning, system thinking, attention to detail);
4. proposed project design – the steps identified above (A through I);
5. resources to be used in completing the project;
Ethics and social responsibility

A. Select a real or fictitious training program, ideally targeted to the workplace. Discuss its need, relevance, and cost-effectiveness. Chapter 1
B. Analyze the needs and characteristics of the audience. Chapter 2
C. Draft the behavioral learning objectives that provide the foundation for the training program. Chapter 3
D. Determine the delivery method. Chapter 4
E. Determine the content to include. Chapter 5
F. Create activities that engage people and help them learn. Chapter 6
G. Organize the content into a structure. Chapter 7
H. Develop trainer’s guides, participant workbooks, slide presentations and any other relevant learning materials. Chapter 8
I. Design the program evaluation. Chapter 9

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