Develop an understanding of change and development and how it will happen in a given case study – TGIF

  1. The Short Report is a 2,000 word individual piece of assessment that contains a summary of the critical theories and concepts. This assessment will be submitted in Short Report format only – this is not an essay. The Report must include the relevance in terms of change and managing people at individual and organisational levels and demonstrate an understanding of the diagnostic process. Hence, the Report will develop an understanding of change and development and how it will happen in a given case study – TGIF (Page 48 of the text). The Report must be written in third person and supported with a minimum of 15 contemporary (beyond 2005) refereed journal articles – do not cite the internet.
  2. Read and follow the Criteria Rubric – this is a Short Report so use the correct format – table of contents and numbering must be included e.g. Introduction – 1.0 Introduction, 1.1 Purpose, 1.2 Scope etc
  3. Act as consultants for TGIF – do not use first person – write from your consultancy company – e.g. Smart Change Consultants have identified…..
  4. Change must include the Diagnostic Process
  5. Apply the Sociotechnical System
  6. The Conclusion must be a summary of the Short Report
  7. Recommendations must be linked to change for TGIF
  8. To be successful this assessment must be supported by no less than 15 contemporary (beyond 2005) refereed journal articles. References support the entire report. – see journals under Assessment



ProQuest Business, Emerald and EBSCO (Business Source Premier)

Refereed Journals such as:

Journal of Organizational Change Management

Journal of Management

Journal of Management Development

Journal of Organizational Culture, Communication and Conflict

Development and Change

International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management

International Journal of Strategic Change Management

Format of the report

-title page

-table of contents


  • introduction
    • purpose: performance get, where you now and where you go
    • scope (case study): industry, name, located
    • limitation: what limit you doing the work (time&money)
    • case study: what is case study about?(problems)
    • organisation of the report: how the report going-conclusion-make recommendation

2.0 discussion

2.1 tentative problem identified(now)

2.2 collect data( observations, interviews,reports)

2.3 analyza data ( value,effect,issues)

2.4 feedback data (understanding by client,advise)

2.5 more data needed?

2.6 problem areas identified

2.7 is client motivated

2.8 Diagnosis and work on problem

3.0 sociotechnical system

making change around process

goals&valus drive the org and subsystems(profit         &growth)

managerial sunsysten (organizing and coordinating)

technical subsystem(techniques & equipment)

structural subsystem ( formal design, policies and procedures)

psychosocial subsystem ( behavior,roles, communication)

4.0 conclusion

5.0 recommendation: change&solution


  1. A1 is a Short Report and you need to write report style. Include a Table of Contents and each section mustbe numbered e.g. 1.0 Introduction, 1.1 Purpose, 1.2 Scope…….etc. Also include a cover page.
  2. Do not write the report in first person.
  3. Write from the perspective of a Consultancy company – e.g. Smart Change Consultants have identified…..
  4. Analyse TGIF using ‘The Diagnostic Process’.
  5. Apply the ‘Sociotechnical System’ – technical, structural, psychosocial, managerial – all driven by goals and values. When you search for articles look foreach of the concepts of the model e.g. managerial.
  6. Provide a well thought out summary of the report.
  7. After summarising then you are ready to make recommendations. Ensure the recommendations link to the change at TGIF.
  8. You will need a minimum of 15 contemporary (beyond 2005) refereed journal articles.
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