Diabetes mellitus type 2 in Australia

Diabetes mellitus type 2 in Australia
Part 1.
Write an essay on diabetes mellitus type 2 in Australia includes all of the following:
• .An introduction that provides general background information and includes why the issue is important to you. It also should provide a brief outline of the content of the remainder of Parts 1 and 2
• A demonstration of the significance of the topic in relation to the chosen population by including evidence using contemporary, primary epidemiological research (at least three (3) primary articles).
• The relevant determinants of health
• A demonstration of an understanding of the epidemiological terms used in the chosen articles (please note text book definitions will not be accepted).
Part 2
Based on the topic chosen in Part 1,
Write a discussion about Lifestyle modifications and risk reduction as a strategy that is aimed at improving the health of diabetes mellitus type 2 patients. Discuss the strategy from one of the following perspectives:
• Your workplace, (primary health care)
• Community,
• State or national levels. (Australia)
You are to provide a discussion supporting the importance of the following in relation to the strategy not to the health issue (diabetes mellitus type 2):
• Collaboration
• Sustainability
• Integration of the strategy

Part 3

 Requires a conclusion that summarises the main points

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