Using the information you have calculated on the previous pages, answer the following questions. Type your answer straight into this word document, under each question. Be sure to stick to the word limit given for each question. This report section will be a large proportion of your marks for the assignment. Refer to the marking criteria for more information.
We would recommend that instead of rewriting the figures from the nutrient tables, that you refer to them in-text eg Table 3 shows XYZ. This will help keep your word count down. Read each question carefully and do not skip any.
1. Briefly discuss how your eating patterns tie into the concept of ‘holistic health’ and your philosophy of eating. Is your food diary a typical representation of your daily diet? If not, why not? (150 words)

2. Discuss how well your average intake of the five food groups and discretionary foods (seen in Table 2, calculated from your food diary) follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommendations across the two days recorded. Are any food groups significantly high or low in intake? If so, is this because you make a conscious effort to eat/avoid these foods? You may round your food groups up or down to the nearest half so comparison is easier. (300 words)

3. State which three nutrients you chose to analyse and after referring the reader back to Table 3, were there any nutrients that were significantly higher or lower than the recommended intake appropriate for your age and gender? For your three chosen nutrients, critically analyse your foods and beverages and link the medium to high intakes of the nutrients to which foods would have contributed towards these levels. If you consumed less than 50% of the RDI/AI for any of the three nutrients, which foods or meals are rich sources of that nutrient that you should incorporate into your diet? (600 words)

4. Using appropriate literature discuss any potential implications of your current intake. For example any diseases that you are at risk of developing if your intake remains as is. If by chance your intake is perfect, discuss the positive influence of your diet on your future health. (550 words)

5. What are the main improvements that need to be made to better meet your recommendations? Please discuss five practical changes you could implement in your daily diet to make these improvements and be specific with which foods this could include and how you would make substitutions to your current diet successfully. (400 words)

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