Discuss how your CEO is represented in the media and how this may present PR challenges for your organisation. These challenges may be internal or external or a combination of both.

• About the assignment
• This assignment is designed to extend your knowledge of your organisation and the key areas of public relations such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Relations and Internal Communication that we are discussing this semester. Through studying your chosen organisation (and other case studies and examples that you may uncover along the way) you should build knowledge and understanding of the various ways PR can be used in these key areas.
• Details for Report:
• The report must focus on an aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility, or Community Relations, or Internal Communications for your organisation. Like the first assignment, this report will also be analytical. Students must also choose one approach for their report from the following table:
• Approach
1. An analytical discussion of challenges
1. An analytical discussion of how your organisation manages a focus
1. An analytical discussion about how a focus relates to a particular public
• Compare and contrast or multiple examples
• Students may elect to draw on a range of examples from a single organisation (simple compare and contrast) OR two or more organisations (multiple examples). Students must make it clear in the introduction of their report as to which approach they are taking.
• Report Length
• The report is to be 2,000 words in length (excluding references). The referencing style is APA .
• Topic examples: If students do not wish to choose their own focus and approach then the examples below may be used for their report.
1. • Discuss how your CEO is represented in the media and how this may present PR challenges for your organisation. These challenges may be internal or external or a combination of both.
2. Discuss how community relations is managed by your organisation. Compare and contrast it with one other organisation or choose a range of examples to best illustrate your argument.
Take an aspect of CSR such as environmental responsibility and discuss the affect this may have on a public relevant to your organisation. Present examples on how other organisations have conducted their communication programs as part of the discussion
Content to be included in report:
It is expected that reports will contain at a minimum the following elements:
1.A title

2.A definition of the focus you are taking; corporate social responsibility, community relations, or internal communications including appropriate citations

3. A comparison between one or more organisations.

4. Whether this is an internal or external communication program focus

5. Identification of publics and stakeholders for your approach.

6. An approach (choose one of these as per table above): o A discussion of challenges (as in example 1) OR o A discussion of how your organisation manages a particular focus (as in example 2) OR o A discussion about how this relates to a particular public (as in example 3)

7. Students must choose a key PR theory (relationship management, reputation management or crisis management) and integrate it into part of their report. This must NOT be a separate section.

8. Please do not include a Table of Contents or an Executive Summary.

9. If it is appropriate, please include recommendations.

Research quality expectations (RQE)

To provide an in-depth and quality report students should include material that demonstrates a broad range of research. Material may be drawn from (but should not rely on just one source):

• Articles from newspapers (i.e. The Australian) and online news blogs (i.e. The Conversation)
• Business magazines, websites, and blogs
• Journal articles
• Book chapters
• Online journals
• Industry blog posts
• Case studies (that can be found in journal articles, text books and online blogs)
• Government publications
• Organisation annual reports and other appropriate publications

Notes and tips (Provided in other documents) are to assist you with your assignment and the research task in Week 11 tutorials. Don’t forget that you need to choose one of the following theories to apply in your report:
* Reputation management

* Relationship management

* Crisis management

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