Does transformational leadership style affect team behaviour

Does transformational leadership style affect team behaviour?
Leadership is an important aspect of team behaviour. Recent research suggests that
transformational leadership style plays a role in how team members interact and become
effective and productive workers. Using research evidence from scholarly or peer reviewed
journal articles (dated 2005 or later), (i) critically analyse the characteristics / elements of
transformational leadership style, and (ii) evaluate the consequences of transformational
leadership style in the context of team behaviour.

Research and Referencing:
This analytical essay requires a well-­‐constructed research base. You will need to conduct a
review of the current theory and research and incorporate a minimum of eight (8) scholarly
or peer reviewed journal articles dated 2005 or later throughout your essay to provide an
academic justification for your arguments. It is recommended that you use the Griffith
library catalogue to access journal articles. You may also find Google Scholar useful.
What is an analytical essay?
An analytical essay is an essay that goes beyond simple summary and description. It requires
an in-­‐depth analysis of a focused topic.
Purpose for this assessment
To help you gain a deep and critical understanding of OB theory, processes and their
practical implications
To extend your skills in independent research, critical thinking and academic writing

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