draft a B-to-B marketing strategy via a tender that would in all likelihood be acceptable to a “real world” senior corporate executive as a means of creating a sale and thereby a loyal customer

The assessment task requires you to draft a B-to-B marketing strategy via a tender that would in all likelihood be acceptable to a “real world” senior corporate executive as a means of creating a sale and thereby a loyal customer. It should be of a high standard of business writing and presentation. It is assumed that this would be a new client.

For the purposes of the assignment it is assumed that you are the marketing and tendering team representing one of the following products/ services from a well known brand in the industry. Your next project is to develop a full Tender Proposal to an ASX- listed Company. You can select one of the following products/services to form the basis of your proposal.

For this assignment we decided to do air conditioning as it provides a service and product and it deals with the B2B – mainly works with builders and construction businesses.

All the information you need is on their website: http://airconditioningguys.com.au/

I have attached another file called tender proposal past example. This file is a past example of a students assignment that received high marks , so please make sure you follow the structure of this example assignment file . In the example tender file its about telstra th provider and their asx listed company client is commonwealth bank austral (CBA). In our tender proposal, we will be choosing the airconditing guys and our asx listed company client is urban apartments.

The asx listed comapny tha the Airconditioning guys will provide to as their client is the Urban Aparments. All information about the urban apartments is found on their website:


Your Tender Proposal must be able to demonstrate how your product/service will achieve a strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace compared to your competitors. All organisations tendering for contracts must be able to demonstrate the following overall benefits as well as relevant product/service benefits:

• value for money, open and fair competition, professional integrity, client service, management of risks, accountability, simplicity, local industry sourcing.

The proposal must also demonstrate how marketing theory covered during your entire degree program has been incorporated into your Report (citing appropriate references using the Harvard Referencing System). PLEASE INCLUDE INTEXT REFERENCES FROM PEER REVIEW ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLES IN HARVARD REFERENCING STYLE AND USE A MINIMUM OF 5 REFERENCES.

Your team will need to conduct research to support your proposal. This means that your group will need to thoroughly investigate how to prepare a tender document both from a theoretical and a practical perspective.

Written and Oral Presentation Tender Report Submission Guidelines

• Please note that your hardcopy of the assignment must include the following:
• Written work should be 12pt Arial typeface, single-spaced.
• Referencing: You must prepare and present all written work associated with your Assessment Tasks in accordance with the requirements of the Harvard Referencing System.
• The ‘In-Text’ or Harvard method – Referencing is a system that allows you to acknowledge others’ contribution to your writing. Whenever you use ANY words, ideas or information from ANY source in your assignments, you must reference those sources. There are different ways of referencing.
• Assessment Criteria:
The Written Report will be assessed using the following criteria:
o Expression (spelling, syntax, grammar)
o Description (accurate, coherent, unambiguous)
o Argument (valid, logical, reasonable, powerful)
o Relevance and Depth (with respect to each question)
o Research(demonstration of effective use of relevant literature)

Tender Proposal Layout Structure

The organisation of your report should correspond to the following:
The proposal structure below represents the norm; only if client’s requirements dictate different priorities should your proposal diverge from this structure.

I just need PART 2 AND PART 3 to be done. Ignore the other parts and only complete part 2 and part 3. These two aprts should be maximum approximately 700 words each.

1. The Cover Letter
Personalized to the client contact/decision maker, signed by the Manager/Managing Director
Introduces and states the client’s stated requirements
Introduces our unique selling point
Then Table of Contents (separate page)
2. Our introduction or purpose
Summarizes main features of the tender and turns them into benefits. If anything cannot be made into a benefit, omit it
Benefits should present a strong argument for selecting our firm
3. Understanding the business – The Problem or Opportunity
Structured so that our firm’s help is related to each problem/need of the client
Sometimes you can include: client’s current situation, client’s future plans, future client challenges
How we can help the client meet the future challenges
4. Technical and Commercial Qualifications supporting your argument
Technical or professional analysis
Commercial analysis, (analyzing the risks)
Financial analysis (profitability and cash flow implications)
Economic Development and Community Service Obligations
Your team must be able to identify the features and benefits of awarding the tender to your firm
Your team must be able to quantify the financial benefits of awarding the tender to your firm
5. Our approach to the job – The Benefits and Solution ( Your project Plan)
Description of the work-plan, emphasizing benefits & products
What will we do on day one
Reporting/communication features
our methodology
6. Our Qualifications – Team & resources behind it (where the proposal focuses on skills or labour hire)
introduction – common points about the team
single point control – role of the client service manager
individual resumes – role; problem solving case studies
relevant resources/backup
7. Our Relevant Experience (where the proposal focuses on company capability)
introduction – highlight relevant skills/expertise required
highlight problem solving examples
are we going to bear the cost of initial learning curve
provide details of previous jobs completed & referees

8. Price/Cost and assumptions used (e.g.)
Fixed price vs hourly or percentage rate (cost breakdown including capital cost, installation, maintenance costs if relevant)
Specify variation assumptions re change to specification
Specify payment terms
For existing client and/or long-term contract compare rises with inflation, currency fluctuations
Then include any Appendices

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