Effective Communication Skills

This assignment consists of three parts (to be submitted as one piece) with a word count equivalent of 1,500 words.


Evaluate two communication theories, explaining the strengths each has in improving work place performance (choosing from NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis, Johari Window, the Communication Process Model) (LO1)


Explain how you have applied two communication techniques to further enhance your communication within academic projects and work situations (techniques include presentation skills, active listening, assertiveness building rapport and providing feedback) (LO2)


Identify and evaluate one of your key communication strengths. Clearly analyse two of your weaknesses in communicating professionally (within the workplace, academic or personal settings). For each weakness identified, fully detail one SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievement, Realistic and Time-bound) action, you will take to increase your effectiveness (LO3)

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