emotional labour

Assignment 3 is an individual assignment that involves the writing of a report on a restaurant or café

of your choice. For this assignment you need to visit a restaurant in South Australia (if you live

overseas, then you can choose a restaurant in the state where you live).

In the hospitality industry, the behaviour of staff towards customers, and the ability of staff to stage

positive emotional experiences for customers are important factors that lead to customer

satisfaction. Applying the theory you have learned in Topic 7 on ‘Emotional labour’ you need to

discuss the extent to which staffs engaged in emotional labour in the restaurant you visited and how

their behaviour affected the overall satisfaction of your service experience (based on your

observation, you may also be able to comment on whether you believe other customers were

satisfied with the service). The concepts in topics 1 and 5 may also be useful based on the nature of

your discussion.

The following are some suggestions on what you need to address:

• What is the type of hospitality offered? (e.g. fine dining, ethnic cuisine, organic food


• What do you believe the business’s target market is, and customers’ expectations of


• What was your initial expectation of the service before you visited this place? (e.g. from

what other people told you, Website, online reviews etc.).

• What is the job role of service staff in the context of the restaurant or café you visited

and how does emotional labour fit into this?

• What do scholars say about emotional labour? It may be useful to start from the past

and work your way to the present and then show how it applies to your study (e.g. how

does emotional labour apply to the job role of restaurant or café staff?)

• Discuss whether emotional labour was evident (or not evident) in the service that was

provided. Give examples to support your answer (e.g. emotional labour was evident in

relation to the way staff calmed down/pacified a difficult customer, or staff was not

attentive or ignored customers).

• Did the attitude and behaviour of staff affect the satisfaction of your overall experience

at the restaurant or café?

• Do you believe emotional labour is necessary?

• What would you say is the consequence of emotional labour on staff?

• What are some recommendations or suggestions that you can offer based on your


Students need to provide supporting material to show evidence of their field visit. The evidence

may include photographs from your visit, a brochure or menu (if they were made available to

take away) and include it in an Appendix. Please include an Appendix of no more than 3 pages –

the pages of the Appendix do not form part of the word count.


Use numbered headings and sub-headings and concise paragraphs. The structure of the report

should be:

1. Title page

2. Table of contents

3. Executive summary

4. Introduction & background

5. Literature Review

6. Discussion

7. Conclusion

8. Recommendations

9. Bibliography/Reference list

10. Appendices

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