Employee Relations

Assessment 1
Written or Oral Questions
Total marks 52
Select two departments or sections in your company.
1. Describe what is required to ensure personnel within each department are
trained in the following topics:
a. Legislative requirements (5 marks)
b. Practical knowledge and skills required (5 marks)
c. WHS requirements (5 marks)
2. Create a presentation to communicate a new HR policy to the personnel
within each department. Make sure that the language you use is suitable
for your audience (eg. marketing department and operations staff).
(NOTE: you do not have to present this).. (15 marks)
3. What are the four key elements of strategic planning? (4 marks)
4. When analysing employee relations, list 4 things that it would be important
for managers to monitor? (4 marks)
5. What are the sequential steps in the risk management process? (5 marks)
6. What can an enterprise agreement include? (5 marks)
7. What skills and knowledge would managers need to effectively implement
strategies and policies? (4 marks)

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