Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management

• 2000 word limit (excluding references), 20 marks
• Submission details: All students must submit their essays through Turnitin using the link
on ilearn. If an interview is done, evidence of the interview (notes, transcript or audio
recording in English) must be submitted to the link on ilearn for submitting evidence of
the interview.
The individual essay is a critical reflection of the definition of entrepreneurship, the origin
of entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities and the entrepreneurial mindset that is often, a
characteristic of an entrepreneurs. The essay is based on secondary research and may
include primary research.
Your task is to track the start-up and early development of two entrepreneurs of your
choice. You can choose to source both the entrepreneurs from secondary sources OR
choose one from secondary source and the other one from primary source. The
primary source means that you need to interview an entrepreneur. Making use of your
primary and secondary sources, describe the types of entrepreneurs they are and
critically discuss the entrepreneurial characteristics of both your entrepreneurs.
Compare and contrast both the entrepreneurs if it helps to enrich your arguments.
Draw on theories to consider the characteristics of your entrepreneurs and the
emergence of their business idea.
In addition, include at least four peer- reviewed academic journal articles to support your
analysis. Be sure to use high quality journal articles from top-ranking journals, such as
Journal of Business Venturing, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneurship: Theory and
Practice, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Small Business Economics,
The purpose of this assignment is for you to critically reflect on why people become
entrepreneurs, where they get their ideas and what makes them entrepreneurial. If you
intend to interview an entrepreneur, invite them to participate in a 30-60 minute interview.
Ask them about their current venture, the original business idea and the source for their
idea. Ensure that you document the interview in English. Evidence of the interview can be
notes taken during the interview, a transcription of the interview or an audio-recording (with
consent). If the interview is conducted in a language other than English, you must translate
the notes or transcription into English. The interview may be conducted in-person, by phone
or by skype. An outcome of the interview and your research may be a revised perception that the individual is not an entrepreneur but more of a business owner. This is a reasonable outcome for the essay, however, you must draw on your chosen journal articles to explain, and provide evidence for, your changed view.
Your chosen entrepreneurs can operate a for-profit or non-profit venture anywhere in the world.

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