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The definition of an essay varies significantly mainly depending on its purpose and other aspects. This ends up making the essay multifunctional due to varying purposes, settings, and spheres. However, from an academic point of view, an essay can be viewed as a piece of writing written from the author’s point of view. It can also be defined as a short literary composition presenting the author’s personal view and particularly on a single subject or argument. In most instances, essay is composed of several elements that include learned arguments, recollections, author’s reflections, literary criticism and author’s reflection among other aspects.

Essays can usually be categorized depending on what they want to describe, explain, convince or inform. Some of the four main types of essays that include:

Expository Essays: this is usually a piece of writing that is informative and presentsbalanced analysis of topic using examples, facts, and statistics. It is within this categorythat comprises process essay, the cause and effect essay, contrast and comparison essayamong others.

Persuasive Essays: These types of essays are meant to convince the readers accept therecommendations or writer’s point of view. These essays are usually supported usingopinions of experts, logic, examples and facts, as well as sound reasoning.

Narrative Essays: These types of essay usually tell a story regarding real-life experience.This isnot essay as students are challenged to think and write about individualexperiences. These are usually written in first person and involve the reader in a greaterway to make them feel a part of the story.

Descriptive Essays: These types of essays usually paint a picture with words. This isthrough describing a place, object or even a person as a way of communicating a deepermeaning.

The main purpose of writing an essay is to test the mastery and understanding of materials learned in class and improve the writing skills of the students. First person narration is in most instances discouraged or even forbidden.

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