Ethics and sustainability analysis

Assignment 3 Ethics and sustainability analysis

Length:       1500-1600 words max.

Weighting:  40%

You are required to select one of the ethical and sustainability topics below and complete the following four tasks:

1.Explain the link between your chosen topic and sustainability.

paragraph 1 explain topic/issue with (evidence and in text citation)

paragraph 2 define sustainability (in text citation)

paragraph 3  able to use sustainability concepts (in text citation ) please refer to page 72 of study guide

paragraph 4explain link between pollution to sustainability (in text citation)


2.Discuss the most significant ethical issues concerning this topic(explain it from study guide topic 5,6,7,8,9)

Paragraph 1 main issues of pollution that causes problems ( in text citation, discussion)

Paragraph 2) why you find this ethical issue is important using ethical theories of utilitarianism, kantian ethics (in text citation)


3.Explain how the topic is important for business and identify relevant threats and opportunities to economic viability.

Paragraph 1- how relevant is pollution to business and economics viability (evidences) (in text citation)

Paragraph 2 – identify threats to viability (evidences) (in text citation)

Paragraph 3- identify opportunities to viability (evidences) (in text citation)


4 Identify an ethical and sustainable response to the problems inherent in this issue.

Paragraph 1-Identify the problems (in text citation)

Paragraph 2- your ethical response (ethical solution and sustainability solution) to problems (in text citation)


Conclusion:- your suggestion is its joint responsibility of government, corporation ,us…………..(4 marks)






Marks are awarded equally for each of the four tasks (4 x 8 marks each) plus 8 marks for clarity of language, presentation and referencing.

Submit you’re assignment electronically via the MySCU SOC10236 unit site using the Turnitin assignment submission function. For more information on Turnitin see http:/

You must include the issue number in your document file name!

Your analysis must draw on relevant ethical and sustainability theories and concepts covered in this unit and apply these theories directly to answering the questions.

Present you’re assignment in the following format citation (harward) for each statement

  1. Separate headings for each of the four tasks
  2. References List

The ethical and sustainability topic/issue is:

Pollution of the global commons.

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