Evolution of Multinational companies Route to Market in Emerging markets

Brief Description of Current situation:
Most multinational companies have been operating in emerging markets (in the Middle East and Africa for the purpose of this study) for the past 50 years. The model on how they approach these markets has been evolving over the years from an export model to a joint venture model in past 5 to 10 years depending on the domain or kind or products the work in.
Brief Description of the proposal:
Case Study of the evolution of Route to Market (RTM) used by Multinational companies in Emerging markets (mainly in the Middle East & North Africa).
Focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies such as P&G, Mondelez, MARS, and Nestle.
How has the way they do business evolved from a simple export business to license agreements or joint ventures in some cases?
What are the business implications of these changes in RTMs to these companies business?
Are these complicated business models with all the financial implications beneficial for the bottom line or the business in general in the short or long term?
1- How has the RTMs for multinational companies evolved
2- Has the evolution of RTM driven the growth of the business or has the business growth lead to the development of RTM
3- What are the benefits of each RTM
4- What is the best model of RTM

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