Explain Ethical Concepts in a Cultural Context

Essay Question:  “Explain Ethical Concepts in a Cultural Context”

The question requires you to explain in detail the aspects of culture which relate to Business Ethics.

In answering the question you will need to consider all the theories relating to ethics and the impact of those theories on day to day business affairs You should refer to the Win Essay writing guide which you can access on Moodle. You should read through the guide before commencing your essay. This should be very helpful to you.

The issues in the Essay are set out in Chapter one (1), Page 23  of the set Text, Janet Morrison “Business Ethics”

In order to demonstrate you knowledge of the question you should read and reference at least 6 (SIX) set texts on the topic. Set Texts are referred to in the Unit Outline and include academic journals and text books. I suggest you use the EBSCO data base which is available to all students.

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