Financial market regulators

Financial market regulators worldwide recently imposed short selling

restrictions on financial securities. The primary purpose of this was to curb excess stock

price volatility. Discuss if these restrictions successfully achieved their purpose. Use

supporting evidence from journal articles together with your own analysis of actual

financial market evidence.

1. At least 6 journal articles should be included.

2. The maximum length of the essay (including abstract, body text, in‐text citation

and reference list) is 1,500 words. Essays exceeding the word limit will be

penalised with 10% penalty

3. An abstract of no more than 200 words is to preface the essay.

4. The essay should follow the structure including Abstract, Introduction, Body text,

Conclusion and the Reference List.

5. All essays must include a list of references in academic form using the

Harvard citation style. All sourced material, including direct quotations, must be

appropriately acknowledged.

6. Use your own words. Reference wherever necessary. Do NOT plagiarise.



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