Firefighting tactics and forensic awareness are critical to fire scene evidence preservation. discuss.


Firefighting tactics and forensic awareness are critical to fire scene evidence preservation. discuss.

The word limit is 2,000 words (+/-10%). This excludes footnotes but includes quotations. The word count must be printed on the top right hand corner of your work.


• You must keep to the word limit of 2,000 words
• You must demonstrate that you have met the learning outcomes
• As you construct and present your work, consider the assessment criteria

Presentation Instructions

It is your responsibility to ensure that your work is neatly and accurately presented.

The work must be:
• Word-processed
• Single sided
• 1.5 or double line spaced
• Ariel 12 point font
• Justified
• Page numbered
• On A4 paper
• Margins left and right 3cm

Marks may be deducted for failure to follow these instructions. Please look at the Student Guide to Assessment for more information.


All academic writing must be referenced. If you use other people’s ideas without referencing them you are plagiarising their work.


Use the Harvard system of referencing within your text. This will take the form: surname, year of publication, page number, and is enclosed within brackets, for example (Bradley 1998, 277). At the end of your work you should provide an alphabetical list of all the works you cite.


Use the Numeric System of referencing within your text. At every point in the text where a reference is made, insert a number (in brackets or superscript) and then list the references numerically at the end of your work,
Learning outcomes
This assessment will test your ability to meet the learning outcomes as described in your module booklet, specifically:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the investigation methods for determining causes of fire and fire dynamics and the ability to apply these methods
4. Demonstrate an understanding of fire investigation processes including the important roles and evidence associated with different fire safety agencies and personnel participating in fire investigation
6. Analyse and critique a range of fire investigation reports from minor to major incidents

Marks for the essay will be allocated in the following manner:

Identification & analysis of fire suppression tactics which may impact on the post fire scene
Contextualisation of the conflict between the priorities of the operational environment and the fire investigation function including examples of incidents where fire service operations have resulted in erroneous fire cause determination.
Overall approach and presentation of report (Approach to assignment/perception of the problem, demonstration of the following personal skills, written communication, research, analysis, quality of references.

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