Foundations of Leadership – Final Reflection

Foundations of Leadership

Final Reflection

Possible Questions

There are three areas that you may be asked questions about in your final reflection. You will only be asked to answer one question from each area. (3 questions in total).

You will need to write about 250 words for each question. Your answer should be clear and you should try to connect your answer to what you have learned in the course. You must give examples or explanations for your ideas.


Different kinds of Power
The Trait Approach
The Skills Approach
Leadership Styles
Contingency Theory
Transformational Leadership
Authentic Leadership
Leadership and Culture
Ethical Leadership

Course Topics

  1. Which topic was most interesting to you and why?
  2. Which topic did you find difficult and why?
  3. Which topic do you think will be most useful to you

in the future and why?


Leadership examples

  1. State the most interesting thing you learned about a famous leader and explain it in terms of the course.
  2. What do you think is the most important thing that great leaders all have in common?
  3. Describe one famous leader’s approach to leading and explain why you like it.

Your own leadership

  1. What did you learn about being a leader from doing the classroom activities? What was easy/difficult? What traits, skills, styles did you use (or see another student use) with your group?
  2. If you were given a job as an office manager after graduating, what information do you think you would you use from this class and why?
  1. Do you think you would like to become a leader? Would you be a good leader? Why or why not? (try and link your ideas to the theories we learnt in class).
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