PART A : Research public campaign


Case study: “Pizza Rush”


Pizza rush is a large pizza take away company in Australia, with a total of fifty take away stores scattered in all major cities nationwide.


pizza rush stores are centrally located in central business district CBD near commercial and office building. pizza rush’s unique sauce and ingredients makes it a very popular choice by city workers who want to have a quick pizza for lunch.

Pizza rush prides itself as a unique business with a strict quality management system making it a recipient of many industry awards in the past six years. All pizza rush stores are well known for their cleanliness, costumer service and unique designs. Pizza rush employed the service of a well known interior designer giving every store a unique contemporary look and feel.

Two mounts ago Pizza rush was rocked by a scandal when two bored late night employees recoded themselves from a mobile phone camera doing unpleasant things with food and video later was uploaded on youtube . The clip become an instant hit and quickly tainted the company’s reputation. The financial impact of the scandal was quickly felt as sales dived quickly in all stores.

The management of pizza rush contacted your crisis management firm having successfully worked with another pizza company who went through the same issue a few years ago.

Your job is develop public relation (pr) campaigns that will attempt to restore the tarnished reputation of pizza rush from scandal.


  1. What will be the scope theme and objectives of the public relations campaign?



  1. How will current practice and recent developments impact upon the  campaign?


  1. Who is the campaign’s audience and what are their attributes?


  1. What are the campaign options?


  1. What members of your organization, which stakeholder would you present these campaign options to before proceeding?


PART B: Preparing to Implement the campaign


  1. Define your campaign objectives and campaign plan.


  1. What stakeholders would you seek agreement with before proceeding?


  1. Outline the schedule and cost of your proposed campaign. Provide evidence of research performed to give a realistic costing of your campaign.


  1. How will you comply with the following legal and ethical constraints?


  1. Codes of practice such as Australian Direct marketing Association (ADMA) code of practice
  2. Ethical principles such as those outlined in the public relations institute of Australia code of ethics.
  3. Anti-discrimination legislation and principles of equal opportunity, equity, and diversity.
  4. Copyright and privacy laws
  5. Cultural expectations and influences


  1. Allocate roles and responsibilities of the public relations teams. (The same of team members are not required, however job title are)
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