Hallmark Events Take Home Exam


1. How did the UFO Festival affect tourism to Roswell? Why did some people have reservations about the proposal for a UFO Festival in Roswell?

2. Outline the Events Portfolio approach to developing an events strategy. Why would a destination adopt this strategy?

3. How is White Night being used to develop a new or changed image for cities?

4. What do you see as the destination image of the Gold Coast? What sort of events do you see as fitting that image? Why would the Gold Coast want to repackage itself as having a more arts and culture-based image through the Bleach Festival?

5. How have the exhibitions staged at the Bendigo Art Gallery changed that city’s image and encouraged tourism?

6. Contrast the cases of film-related festivals at Lone Pine and Jamestown. How did these contribute (or not) to sustainable tourism in these towns?

7. In what sense might we see rural festivals as more authentic than those staged in cities? Illustrate your answer with an example.

8. Why do we need to know the economic impact of an event? How and why is there a common tendency to overstate the economic benefits of events?

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