Have there been any advancements in our understanding of Aboriginal imprisonment?

Assessment 3: Investigative Essay
Essay question: Write an argumentative essay answering this question.

“Have there been any advancements in our understanding of Aboriginal imprisonment?”


Learning Outcomes: ·         Clarity of written and spoken expression, including in public fora, and through appropriate use of technology.

·         Planning, organising, problem solving and decision making.

Assessment Instructions: ·      Word count 3,000 words

·      This assignment is to further develop your critical writing skills. During this semester you have been exposed to a large amount of material relating to a range of aspects of Aboriginal people and the justice system. You will use this information to underpin and inform a critical essay on Aboriginal imprisonment in WA and Australia.

·      This is a major investigative assignment for this unit and you will be able to determine the precise area of the topic you wish to write about. You may design your own question or answer the question above, but please check it with the lecturer before you start. The submission date is late in the semester to allow you the greatest amount of time to fine tune your work.

Marking You will be marked for:

·    Your research

·    Your use of other research

·    Your clear and persuasive writing

·    Your overall academic excellence

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