Heart Failure case study

PARA2000 Heart Failure assignment for 2017
Choose a diagnosis which causes either systolic or diastolic heart failure:
 Describe the key presenting signs and symptoms expected for your chosen diagnosis.
 Explain the aetiology and the pathophysiology of your chosen diagnosis including both acute changes and chronic changes.
 Explain the pathophysiology behind the presenting symptoms.
 Provide an ECG that the patient with your diagnosis may present with. Please also provide the interpretation of the ECG.
 Explain current paramedic management for your chosen diagnosis using current CPGs from 2 Australian states. Provide rationales for your interventions relating them to the anatomy, physiology and /or pathophysiology, critiquing the CPGs using current research.
You are required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the pathophysiology and provide rationales for your diagnosis AND interventions.
It is expected that you research the condition from both text books and current literature. At least five journal articles are expected to be part of your literature search (Less than 10 years old).
You will also review the clinical practice guidelines of at least two (2) Australian state clinical practice guidelines (You may also use ICP guidelines). The goal is to provide up to date evidence based practice for the management of the patient’s condition.
Higher grades will be awarded for evidence of extensive use of literature and a critical evaluation of the care provided for the patient.
Word Limit 2500

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