History Research Essay

Please select ONE of the questions below and write an essay in response to it.

  1. ‘The Turkish forces defeated the ANZAC forces in the Gallipoli Campaign because they were better prepared, better led, used superior tactics and fought with more skill and determination’. Do you agree? Please illustrate your answer with examples from the various battles during the Campaign.
  2. Rob Bollard, the Australian historian, argues that, far from creating the Australian nation, the First World War fractured Australian society, heightened political divisions and made Australia more fearful of foreigners. Do you agree?
  3. The Greek Campaign in 1941 ended in defeat for the ANZAC forces within a month. Why were the Australian forces defeated by the German armed forces? Was the decision to commit the Australian and other imperial forces to this campaign justified?
  4. The historian David Day argues that the British failure to send sufficient naval, air and army forces to defend the Malayan peninsular against the Japanese offensive was a betrayal of Australia and its people. Do you agree?
  5. While thousands of Australian POWs died at the hands of their Japanese captors the majority survived. What were the strategies and factors that enabled them to survive? In answering this question you should make reference to at least three POW memoirs or diaries.
  6. ‘The “invasion” of Australia by hundreds of thousands of American servicemen fundamentally changed Australian society in terms of gender relations, popular culture and consumer culture’. Do you agree? Give examples to support your answer.
  7. What were the main elements of the ANZAC tradition that emerged from the experience of Gallipoli? What did the major newspapers have to say about its significance during and after the First World War? (See the major city newspaper editorials on ANZAC Day from 1916 to the 1920s available through TROVE digital newspapers).
  8. How has Australia’s First World War been presented to children through literature or school texts/kits? How have these forms of presenting the war to children changed over time? Are they simply perpetuating myths?

This essay is a major research essay. Your reading for this essay must go well beyond the course materials and be reflected in your citation and bibliography. A minimum of SEVEN research items beyond the combined Study Guide/reader must be used; that is a selection of books and journal articles from the library’s collections should be used in writing this essay.

Your essay must provide a sustained and coherent answer to the questions we have asked. One of the criteria on which your essay will be judged is the breadth of your reading. Another is the quality of your writing. A third is your ability to develop and sustain an argument or arguments which answer the question. You must thoroughly footnote your essay in the Oxford style and include a comprehensive bibliography. General websites that are not accessed through the Deakin University Library website are to be avoided.
What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:
– Your ability to understand and interpret the issues raised by the question
– the quality and breadth of your research, that is the number of books, articles, etc used in writing the essay and how you have used the research to construct your answer to the question
– Your ability to analyse the sources, distil the relevant evidence and develop a persuasive answer to the question
– Your ability to answer the question
– Your ability to document, that is footnote your exercise and present a bibliography
– The quality of your written expression and the organization of your essay
– Your ability to sustain your answer to the question throughout the essay
– Requirement to get your essay in on time

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