Holden Human Resource management employees training reward and retention


In December 2013 Holden announced that they would cease manufacturing in Australia by the end of
2017. The closure of plants at Port Melbourne and Adelaide will result in the loss of 2,900 jobs (
http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/holden-to-cease-making-cars-in-australia-in-2017-while-toyota-considers-if-it-can-).During this period they will continue to produce motor vehicles in Australia. To do this Holden will
need to maintain an efficient workforce and will face a range of issues retaining highly skilled workers
as employees prepare themselves and seek new employment opportunities.
As Director of Human Resources, you have been asked to prepare a report for Head Office in
Detroit that examines and proposes performance appraisal, reward management and training and
development strategies that will enable Holden to maintain productivity and minimise employee stress
during downsizing and eventual closure.
This assignment is designed to:
familiarise students with the nature of the HRM phenomenon and the different perspectives
from which it is viewed;
encourage students to explore various HRM theories;
develop the ability to identify the importance of the HR function in the effective
management of people;
familiarise students with the gap which may exist between the academic theories and the real world practice of HRM;
encourage students to develop a critical understanding of the extent to which organisations
adhere to espoused HRM policies;
encourage students to explore the various HR challenges such as environmental,
organisational, individual and in the performance of their day-to-day responsibilities;
complicated relationship among top management, line managers, HR managers and
employees and its effect on HR policies and practices;
encourage students to develop sound analytical skills based on in-depth literature research,
learnt theories, case studies and work practices.

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