How do managers use strategic HRM to increase individual and organisational performance

Description of Task


Respond to the following essay topic:


How do managers use strategic HRM to increase individual and organisational performance? Answer the question using a case study organisation of your choice.


A minimum of 15 academic research journal articles must be analysed to support your essay. This research must appear as in text citations throughout the essay and must be included in the reference list. Academy of Management Referencing style must be used.


The essay assignment is approximately 2300 words (not including title page, references, or ancillary materials) and is worth 30 marks.


All reference material must be appropriately cited in the text of your essay.  Include a separate reference section that includes the full citation information.  Follow the style guidelines for the Academy of Management Journal.  Note that Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT acceptable sources of information for this assignment.

Your essay must be typed and have standard margins on all sides.  Double spacing or 1.5 line spacing are preferred.


Fulfilment of overall task intent

No evidence of  completing critical parts of the assessment; parts are misunderstood or overlooked.

Broadly completed but some parts are superficially treated, misunderstood or nearly overlooked.

Sound conceptual development, problems encountered have been satisfactorily solved, resulting in well presented work

Material presented is strongly linked to task; comprehension of task is high.

Sophisticated concepts communicated through advanced use of technique Exceeds or refines the basic task requirements.

Use of information (including evidence and examples)

Generally inaccurate and inappropriate; incomplete, unsupported, inconsistent information. Requires greater effort at substantiation and wider research.

Generally accurate and appropriate; some incomplete, unsupported or inconsistent information. Requires greater effort at substantiation and wider research.

Well researched with good use of material. Most information is appropriate, consistent and supportive of the conclusions drawn. Sources of information acknowledged.

Conclusions are fully supported by appropriate and well organised data. May be some minor omissions. Sources fully referenced.

Evidence of critical or thoughtful sorting and selection. Comprehensive and accurate. Conclusions fully supported by the evidence.

Application of theories &/or concepts dealt with in the topic or unit

Generally no application; misunderstandings and superficial treatment.

Generally very limited application; some misunderstandings or quite superficial treatment.

Relevant concepts, etc. applied in a generally appropriate and thoughtful way. No major misunderstandings; logical connections between ideas; no serious omissions.

Critical or evaluative thinking about how concepts/theories are applied; little inaccuracy or misunderstanding.

Creative or reflective processing of theories; understanding of how and why they are used; critical and evaluative thinking.

Structure and organisation

Poor structure; poorly organised and no focus on the topic. Instances of irrelevance or significant confusion.

Well enough structured to make sense; could be better organised and more tightly focused upon the topic. Instances of irrelevance or confusion.

Sequence and structure are logical and easy to follow. Introductory and concluding sections used effectively.

Ideas are sequenced in a logically satisfying way; connections between different themes or sections are well made.

Structure and sequence are used effectively to help integrate ideas or support logical argument. Soundly structured throughout.

Language use

Not clear enough to be understood; confused or unclear expression. Spelling, punctuation & grammar unsatisfactory.

Clear enough to be understood; some confused or unclear expression. Spelling, punctuation & grammar generally satisfactory but likely to need attention.

Language is generally sound and clear throughout.

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