How much trust is there in the organisation and does trust need to be built?

Assessment #2 – Report (Graded)
This assignment is designed to enable you to apply concepts in this course.

Work place Report Topics ( Both need to be answered)
1. How much trust is there in the organisation and does trust need to be built?

2. Is delegation practiced widely?

Within your analysis you should discuss how you would expect the organisation to be managed based on the relevant theory or textbook suggestions. You should then analyse how it is actually managed, and note the differences from your theoretical expectations. In doing so, you should seek answers to questions such as:

How does the organisation conform to the theory on the two areas identified above?
Are there differences between theory and practice?
If your answer is ‘yes’ to the preceding questions, what are the reasons for these differences?
Write relevant specific recommendations for your organisation; for example, suggestions for change, and/or further development, for each of the above two concepts.

Your choice of the organisation for this assignment is very broad. It may, for example, be:

the organisation in which you work (the whole organisation).
a department, unit or section of the organisation in which you work (if the organisation is large).
a club or society with which you are associated (for example, sports club, social club, theatre group etc.).
an organisation about which you can obtain enough information to analyse its management structure and process (you need not necessarily work in this organisation).
You should discuss the organisation with your course co-ordinator if you are in doubt.

You should identify your connection with the chosen organisation, for example, employee, employer, etc.

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