Hypertension in Haitians when compared to non-Hispanic Whites

Briefly introduce a specific health disparity occurring in the United States, and discuss the following:
1. The social determinant(s) of health (SDH) that most influence this disparity;
2. How health care financing impacts this disparity;
3. How the organization of health care delivery systems impacts this disparity;
4. A specific state or federal health/public policy related to one of the social determinants of health that negatively impacts this disparity; and,
5. Nursing’s role in changing this policy to improve the health disparity (Be specific! Where in the policy cycle would intervention be the most effective? What actions would be taken? How?)

Each question (including introducing the health disparity) should be supported by one current, peer-reviewed/scholarly article or the assigned textbooks (not included in the word count).

A reference list in APA format should be included.

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