Identify a major business incident that occurred at least 2 years ago

A 2000 word academic essay is due at the end of the unit with the following topic:

Identify a major business incident that occurred at least 2 years ago. Briefly describe the incident and then provide an analysis of the way the company handled the issue drawing on the various theories covered in this unit. You will need to draw on news reports (written and video), press releases, interviews, and company reports and investigate these in light of the various topics in this unit. As it is an academic essay you are expected to draw on academic journal articles (available online through the UC library) and other academic sources outside of the materials provided in this unit. Ensure that any video material accessed online is fully referenced and the link provided with your essay.


Marking Criteria – Essay

The following criteria will be used:

  • Evidence of research.
  • Evidence of understanding the topic.
  • Evidence of analysis and consideration of alternate points of view.
  • Evidence of directly seeking to address the topic and providing a substantive point of view.
  • Use of facts and information to develop and substantiate analysis and argument.
  • Use of logic and clarity of thought in presenting your arguments.
  • Use of correct punctuation, acknowledgement and citation of sources.

Inclusion of a bibliography.

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