Indigenous tourism product or experience

Length: 2500 words
Weight: 45%
Assessment of this assignment will be based upon the following criteria: content (25%), analysis (25%), research (25%), presentation & style (10%) and research technique (15%). Please use the Harvard referencing system to document your sources.
For this assignment you are asked to:
1) select an Indigenous tourism product or experience in consultation with your lecturer (can be Australian or international case)
2) apply Butler and Hinch’s definition of Indigenous tourism and matrix associated with this definition to this Indigenous tourism product

3) assess in what ways your chosen product meets the criteria of Indigenous tourism and explain the significance of this

Your report should provide descriptive details of your selected Indigenous tourism product, but it should also show that you understand the concepts and ideas behind Butler and Hinch’s model and can apply them effectively to analyse and assess your selected Indigenous tourism product.

You should consult your lecturer early about your selected Indigenous product or experience and seek her approval.

The book of readings and some of the recommended resources contain case studies that can assist you in writing this report. However, these models do not tell you how to write your report nor direct you to what content to include and exclude. That is your task. As a result, each student’s report should be uniquely different as each student applies his/her own analysis to the topic.

The assignment is to be presented as a formal report.

It should have a title page with the name of the report, the author of the report, the date and the word count.

The body of the report should include:

Introduction providing an overview of your report, including its focus, conceptual approach and significance.

A background providing relevant facts and details about the selected Indigenous tourism product which will provide foundations for your reader to engage with your discussion and analysis sections.

Discussion of the relevant attributes, issues, problems, perspectives that are important in understanding your selected Indigenous tourism product. This is also where you should provide information on the concept you will use, Butler and Hinch’s definition of Indigenous tourism.

Analysis of the meaning to be gained from this analysis of this product or experience. You should think through, discuss and analyse how Butler and Hinch’s definition applies to your selected Indigenous product and what that means (For example, if the product you analyse is owned by non-Indigenous entrepreneurs, what are the implications of this for the product’s impacts on Indigenous peoples and communities?)

Conclusion should thoroughly sum up the content of the report and re-state the lessons learned from the study.

References are a listing of the resources used (including books, articles, films, websites, interviews, brochures, etc.) in the compiling of the report; it includes items referred to in the body of the report. This is important to get right in order to avoid a charge of academic misconduct such as plagiarism. You must submit copies of any source material you used for your report that may be difficult for your tutor to access together with your case sudy report when you submit it for assessment. Please use the Harvard referencing system for this assignment.

This task allows you to demonstrate the attainment of key graduate qualities through your studies in this course. Firstly you must show an awareness of the facts and circumstances of a key example of Indigenous tourism which allows you to show you have added to your body of tourism knowledge. Additionally, this task allows you to demonstrate your communication skills as you must convey this knowledge in a brief and well-written report. This assignment may also allow you to demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues in tourism, concerns of social responsibility and sustainability. Finally this assignment allows you an opportunity to demonstrate effective problem-solving as you analyse and critique the issues that arise in your chosen case study.
And the tutor demand us to choose one of the indigenous tourism product or experience on below:
Tjapukai Cultural Park
Bookabee Tours
Northern Territory Indigenous Tours
Toledo Ecotourism Assoication
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