Information Technology & Cleaner Production

Information Technology & Cleaner Production
An Integrated Assignment, for the above two modules, is to prepare and
submit a Report on business improvements targeting two areas. .
1. Select and study an organisation with which you are familiar, with
specific reference to the following aspects
Ø · Concisely identify key business activities, current planning processes
and mechanisms operating within the organisation (just 10% of the
Report content).
Ø · Identify and scope current and projected future Information
Technology needs.
Ø · Identify any other significant issues to be addressed in the continuing
development and implementation of IT and related systems.
2. In reference to Cleaner Production, you should place particular emphasis
on establishing whether, or not, the company has already established current
environmental management, or cleaner production policies, procedures and
Ø · Prepare a status review on existing environmental management,
cleaner production policies, procedures, attitudes practices and
processes identified within the selected organisation.


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Information

Advancement of information technology in the 21st century has becoming a blessing to information has provided companies with competitive advantage in terms of performance, effectiveness and management efficiency (McNurlin & Sprague 2004, p.53). Laudon, K & Traver (2009, p.12) argued that modern managers invest information technology or be phased out of the market. On the other hand, over the years, industrial pollution has become one of the biggest problem problems to humanity as it pollutes the environment. In particularly, oil production has been regarded as the major producer of green houses gases and largest polluter of the environment.  Saudi Aramco, as the major oil producer in the world has been made to bear the blame for past production practices (Cowie et al., 2012, p.319). However, the demand for social corporate social responsibility in the last two decades have prompted Saudi Aramco to adopt information technology and cleaner production in quest to improve its operation, image and to attract more customers. Therefore, this report will analyze the information technology and cleaner production practices of Saudi Aramco in its business improvement.  The report will also identify any other significant issues to be addressed in the continuing development and implementation of IT and related systems. Lastly, in reference to Cleaner Production, the report will discuss the company’s current environment management, or cleaner production policies, procedures and practices.

1.2 Selection of the organization

In the 21st century, a considerable advancement has been marked in usage of information technology and the need for cleaner production particularly in the oil sector.  Use of information technology and greener has been prompted by effects of climate change and the demand for social corporate responsibility (Carraher 2014, p.207).  In endeavors to enhance their image and operations, established companies have been the first to adopt information technology and cleaner energy. Therefore, the status of Saudi Aramco as the world largest oil producer makes it has ideal company for analysis.

Saudi Aramco is a natural gas and petroleum company owned by government of Saudi Arabia with headquarters in Dhahran (Saudi Aramco 2016). The company was established in 1933 and has grown over the years to become the most valuable company with value worth roughly US$10 trillion. Saudi Aramco (2016) claimed that the company has the largest crude oil reserves and leading oil production.  Saudi Aramco oil reserve is worth over 265 billion barrels. Forbes report of 2015 ranked Saudi Aramco as the largest Gas and Oil Company in the world (Saudi Aramco 2016).

1.3 Motivation

The motivation of choosing the topic was due to its important to me but to but also modern companies. Information has proven to be a very important factor of running contemporary organizations.  Bernard (2001, p.26) argued that information technology can be used to gain competitive advantage as company which owns or adopt it improves the speed of production, information processing marketing and communication.  On the other hand, the motivation for choosing cleaner production as a topic has been due to its growth since 1992. With increase of air pollution international community, society and customers have been have been demanding that companies implement strategies and polices which  leads to reduction of air pollution and climate change (Zhi-dong et al., 2011).

2.0 Characterization of the Company under Study

2.1 Mission

According to Saudi Aramco annual reports (2015), the company’s mission states that ‘Saudi Aramco is a result-based gas and oil corporation which creates value for its shareholders via employees by building a…………

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