Innovation Management Plan

Innovation Management Plan

2500 words

Choose an organisation

Research the hot topics about innovation related to this organisation

Then develop an innovation management action plan based on these criteria:


Cover page

Executive summary

Table of contents


  • Discuss 3 hot topics about innovation related to your organisation (10 marks)
  • Develop an idea for an innovative product or service based on the goals and portfolio management for the organisation (10 marks)
  • Discuss how your innovation will be streamlined with the organisations current capabilities (10 marks)

Body of report

  • Design thinking about your innovation- include a diagram depicting the innovation (10 marks)
  • User involvement (10 marks)
  • Fast integration- time, costs, resources (10 marks)
  • Prototyping and testing capabilities (10 marks)
  • Cross functional management (10 marks)

Conclusion (10 marks)

  • Discuss future innovations that might affect your innovative idea

References (10 marks)

  • At least 15 needed with the majority being 2014-2015
  • Harvard format
  • Must include a range of references- books, articles, websites


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