Write a report on the following:

Cloud computing is an emerging trend that allows software applications to be operated over the Internet. This can provide many advantages, but also incorporates numerous risks. Describe possible security risks in Cloud computing as related to the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) triad. Then investigate three actual security attacks related to Cloud computing that have occurred.


Include an abstract/introduction to quickly describe the contents of the report (200 words)

Your report should start by defining Cloud computing, including a brief history of technologies that led to the development of Cloud computing, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud technology (600 words)

Once the Cloud is described in general, you should describe Cloud computing security risks in more detail. What risks are there, which of the security triad do they violate (and how do they violate the requirement), and why are they of special concern to Cloud computing systems? (600 words)

Then you should describe the actual security attacks. For each attack, you should describe the incident, its severity, when and where it was reported, a classification of which of the CIA triad this incident breached, and what actions have or could be used to prevent or recover from the attack. (200 words per incident)

Provide full references of your sources.

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