Assessment 2
Critical Essay
Total Word Count: 2000-2500 words
Students are required to choose one of the topics given below and write a critical essay of
the literature on intervention approaches in the chosen field.
Specifically, students are to address the quality of the evidence base for utilising
psychological approaches and relate this to ethical and cultural considerations.
• Depression in the Workplace.
Critical Analysis to be focused using the following 2 sources:
Tan, L., Wang, M. J., Modini, M., Joyce, S., Mykletun, A., Christensen, H., &
Harvey, S. B. (2014). Preventing the development of depression at work: a
systematic review and meta-analysis of universal interventions in the
workplace. BMC medicine, 12(1), 74.
Please read each individual RCT and critically assess the strengths and limitations of each
study and what was found.
Decide on whether you agree with Tan et al., assessment that CBT is the most effective
intervention for Depression at work and why. If you have a different view, then justify that
2. Evidence Based Psychological Preventions on Depression found in this link:
Please read each individual study provided on pages 13-31.
Critically assess the strengths and limitations of each study and what was found regarding
the Level 1 studies identified (see page 2 and 11 for descriptions of these).
Critically assess if these findings are similar to what was found in the individual studes in
Tan et al. If not, what was different.
3. ACT has been identified in both papers, however it is early days.
Compare the studies found in each of the 2 meta-analysis above (Bond and Bunce, 2000) and
Forman et al., (2007). Do these support future research in this area as an alternative to CBT
4. Discuss the Cultural Considerations, in particular

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