Integrated Coastal Zone management

This is essay on Coastal Planning study. Topic requires research on Integrated Coastal Zone management. Coastal issues may be general concerned in all the coastal cities/town, however some are particularly significant in local area. Take Shoalhaven, Eurobodaling Shire and towns adjacent to them (Australian) as study cases for the essay.

Assessment criteria:

An analysis of the key challenges,

Appropriate use of data, tables and figures,

Evidenced-based arguments and envisioning the decision-making process,

Wider reading on on Integrated Coastal Zone Management,

Presenting a logically structured report and use of the right reference format for sources (Harvard Style recommended)


Purpose: to develop ideas for successful integrated coastal management and implementation and develop ideal strategy decision-making process

Guidelines: a short paper outlining the ideas and arguments supported by evidence on pathways to successful Integrated Coastal Management.


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