Assignment 1

Your assignment is to be an original piece of work, note unit outline re plagiarism.
Assignment Penalty Summary:

 Referencing using the APA convention (Q manual)
Assignment Marks: 15% of total marks for this unit.
Listed below is a list of examples of risk issues faced by business.
Example of Issues in Risk Management
 Asset management and resource planning;
 Business interruption;
 Organisational change;
 Technological change;
 Political change;
 Contingency;
 Disaster;
 Emergency planning;
 Design liability;
 Product liability;
 Employment procedures;
 Training;
 Discrimination;
 Harassment;
 Environmental issues;
 Ethics issues;
 Probity issues;
 Feasibility studies;
 Fire detection;
 Fire prevention;
 Foreign exchange operations;
 Fraud prevention;
 Fraud detection;
 Fraud management;
 Human health;
 Animal health;
 Plant health;
 Information systems;
 Computer networks;
 Legislative compliance
 Occupation health and safety;
 Maintenance systems;
 Project management;
 Public risk;
 General liabilities;
 Contract management;
 Professional advice;
 Reputation issues;
 Transport;
 Finance;
 Bank management and risk analysis;
 Audit;
 Business continuity planning;
 Business law and practice;
 Conservation and environment;
 Corporate environmental management;
 Environmental health risk management;
 Federal government;
 Financial management;
 Global resources and energy management;
 Human resource management;
 Information systems security;
 Insurance;
 Investment and portfolio management;
 Knowledge management;
 Local government;
 Managing people and organisations;
 Operations management;
 Quality assurance;
 Research and development;
 State government;
 Strategic management;
 Treasury management; and
 Corporate governance.
Review these risks in accordance with the Australian Standard AS/NZS/ISO31000:2009. You must obtain your risk register, risk treatment and risk action plan templates from HB436:2004. All three documents form part of the assignment. Failure to use all three documents will result in a failure in this assessment task.
It is expected that you select a business case and identify no more than 5 categories of risk and no more than 10 risks in each category i.e. a max of 50 risks.
When you have completed your research you are required to construct a risk register, including a risk treatment schedule and risk action plan, which demonstrates your understanding of the risk register
process and how risk items can be aggregated for maximum protection of the Firm. A key component of the assignment is you decision on how to present the information.
It is not sufficient to just compile a risk register, or to write an explanation on how a risk register works. You must show evidence of categorisation and prioritisation of risks and analysis and evaluation of the risks you have chosen to include in your risk register. Do not forget your mitigation strategies, action plans and recommendations.
Importantly you must select those risks from the list which you believe apply to your business case. Those risks that you reject as not applicable must be collated together, with a limited explanation of why they do not apply and will become an exhibit in your report.
With the risks remaining, that apply to your business case you must categorise these into at least 5 Classes/categories of risk. You will choose the categories yourself. Under each of these categories you will assign the remainder risks, with no more than 10 risks to a category. The number of actual risks per category may in fact be less than 10, this will be a function of your business case.

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