Investigation of a Public Infrastructure Failure

The purpose of this assessment task is to identify and analyse a past public infrastructure failure, the failure should have had a reasonably major impact on the community it serviced. Some examples include: • A major pipe bursting • Dam failure • Bridge/ Road failure • Structural failure etc. There are a multitude of further examples available, these are only a few. The nature of the topic should endeavour to fall in the fields of civil or structural engineering, and as a guideline should be relatively recent (in the last 10 years, more recent ideally). The submission for this task is broken down in to an investigative report and a presentation. Part 1: Investigative Report (15%) The purpose of the report is to thoroughly document the failure, to identify the problems with the asset management system which led to the failure (if identifiable) and to suggest improvements or changes to the system in order to have successfully predicted and managed such an event. Some considerations could be (but certainly are not limited to): • The cost of the failure, both in financial terms and in terms of safety, inconvenience etc. • The maintenance and monitoring routines for the asset prior to its failure. Would you deem this to be adequate? • Changes in environment that may have led to a failure • Where the asset was within its life cycle at the time of failure • Any past rehabilitation work that had been done on the asset • Any investigation that took place post-failure. • Suggestions for an asset management system which would have prevented the failure Page 1 of 2 Part 2: Presentation (10%) This portion of the assignment is a 5-10 minute summary of your report, presented to the class. This is to be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Marks will be awarded based on the clarity of the speaker, quality of information conveyed by the speaker, knowledge demonstrated and the quality of the PowerPoint slides (placement of text and pictures, quality of dot-points etc.) Further Notes Although this assessment generally covers the area of asset management, it is entirely possible that risk and quality management will also be relevant factors to consider in the investigation of the asset failure, as will other topics in the ENCIV3075 unit. In general, students are encouraged to explore how their chosen topic relates to all areas of infrastructure management as much as is possible. Marks will be awarded for a coherent, logically structured and well-presented report that explores as much relevant information on the chosen topic as po

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