Is there ever a justifiable use for doublespeak?

A6: Is there ever a justifiable use for doublespeak? Why or why not? Explain your response and give some examples.

A7: Find an article or listen to a presentation that uses signposts. Identify the signposts and explain how they help the audience follow the article or presentation.

A8: Choose a piece of writing from a profession you are unfamiliar with. For example, if you are studying marketing, choose an excerpt from a book on fashion design. Identify several terms you are unfamiliar with, terms that may be considered jargon. How does the writer help you understand the meaning of these terms? Could the writer make them easier to understand?

A9: How does your self-concept influence your writing?

A10: What does the field of psychology offer concerning the self-fulfilling prophecy?

A11: How does the process of perception limit our view, or expand it? Can we choose how to perceive things?

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